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 Our Story:

There had  been a small Boutique Store called 'The Bee's Knees' with the recent downturn in economy the owners Anjula, Ashley and Sydney Bean wanted to change the  store to a Coffee Shop. Sydney came up with the name Juice 'n beans..

Ashley , Anjula and Sydney are vegetarians. Ashley just graduated had  never been in the restaurant business before, but always felt she knew what good vegetarian food was all about. They used to always experiment at home on new recipes and go to restaurants they liked with the thought of one day possibly opening their own restaurant. That day came. It began on August 12th 2009 when they opened a little 10 seats cafe that would serve breakfast, lunch and dinner Monday through Saturday, and Brunch on Sunday's. The mission was to be the Best Cafe on the Rock. Bermuda is affectionately referred to as the rock.

The Juice 'n Beans  Cafe was born. There was a lot of learning in those first couple of months. New items were introduced as daily specials hand written on the front menu board and inside on the white dry erase board's). The counter became the center of the action.  Local artist celebrities and Politicians started frequentingg the Cafe. A famous local artist Ernst Bauer started and ended his day with an Espresso at the Cafe. Some of Mr. Bauers art pieces adorn the walls. The Town Cryer and a local celebrity would make a regular trip into the Cafe and direct island visitors to the best place in town to have a coffee and relax by the small round table and the comfy leather seats. Business men started to hold office meetings. Cafe became the place t to find out all the local happenings in town. It didnít take long for the locals to notice. Then as word spread, more and more people would start to call asking for directions and ask about the daily special.  It was obvious that expansion was needed. It started first with the spicy buffet and Samosas and then the Vegan breakfast. For many locals it became a home away from home, it was like an extended family. People would come in everyday, some several times a day.

On Wednesday's, during the tourist season Hamilton holds the Street festival known as the 'Harbor Nights. The opening night on Wednesday in August. That day we were scrambling to keep up with the demand with lines stretched out of the door. From then on business boomed.

After the initial rush, during the first six months we had a lot of interest from people who were perhaps a little apprehensive about a late night Cafe and a Juice bar, which is a relatively new concept in Bermuda.


The counter, the round table, the food, the service were all fashioned to recreate what people had come to expect from all the vegetarian restaurant.

Today, we continue the traditions that started back in 2009. We strive to provide the best products, the best service, and the best value in an atmosphere that makes you feel like you are part of the family. Our family.

Juice 'n Beans - Street View

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